Tips for Safe Operation of Corded Power Tools

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Corded power tools are useful for several types sizes of projects. They also can be more accurate and efficient than hand tools. However, corded power tools can also present serious safety hazards when not used correctly. Below are tips to help keep you safe while working with them.

Types of Corded Power Tools

Corded power tools utilize electrical power from an outlet. There are several types of corded power tools, including:

  • Circular, miter, table, jig and reciprocating saws
  • Sanders
  • Angle grinders
  • Drills and drivers

Corded Power Tool Safety Tips

Each type of corded power tool presents unique risks, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with its proper use to reduce the chances of injury. The following are safety tips for these tools:

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Review the user manual for guidance on how to properly use and maintain the tool. Never alter or remove safety features and grip the tool as directed.
  • Wear safety gear and dress for the job. Wear appropriate protection such as safety glasses, dust masks, gloves, safety boots and hearing protection. Avoid loose-fitting clothes and jewelry that could get caught in moving parts of the tool.
  • Inspect the tool and cord before use. Check the condition of the tool, cord and prongs prior to use and make repairs or replacements as needed. Ensure blades, cutting edges and bits are sharp.
  • Carry the tool safely. Carry the tool by its grip and keep your fingers off the switch while transporting it.
  • Properly ground the tool. Ensure the plug is firmly inserted into a grounded outlet.
  • Don’t link extension cords. A single extension cord can be safe depending on the cord and the tool, but interlinking extension cords can be hazardous. Additionally, leave the cord uncovered to prevent heat buildup.
  • Ensure the environment is safe. Keep the work area clear of debris and ensure the surface is stable enough to use. Additionally, don’t use corded power tools in wet environments.
  • Unplug the tool when finished. Don’t leave the tool plugged in if your job is complete or if you are lubricating the tool or changing its accessories.

Corded power tools can be useful, but they must be operated safely. Consult your supervisor for additional workplace safety resources.

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