Service is at the foundation of our business! That’s why we’ve developed some proprietary services that positively impact our client’s bottom line.

Risk Management Center

CMR offers a unique and proactive web-based Risk Management Platform that provides enhanced loss control impact and efficiencies. The program is comprised of six main platforms all specific to each client’s need.

Workers' Compensation Claim Auditing

Employee injury in the workplace is an inherent exposure with any business. Even when controlling exposure to risk, control techniques claims occur. How your claim is handled and monitored during the life of the claim is critical.

Service Commitment

We take client services seriously. We offer a Key Client Service Plan which is a written service commitment tailored to the special needs of each specific client. This written plan is completed with each client along with the appropriate CMR support staff and reviewed on an annual basis.

HR Support

The value added services performed by our team are the driving force behind controlling your Human Resource and Employee Benefits costs. Our tailored services will reduce your internal Human Resource Expenses and improve the wellness of your employees.

Financial Benchmarking

CMR’s contract surety division handles all types of surety bonds; construction, commercial, and court. At CMR. we strive to provide a comprehensive surety program tailored to the appropriate rate, indemnity, and capacity to support the each client’s respective surety need.

Equity Investor Insurance Review

CMR works with real estate equity investors on a per project fee service basis to assure all involved parties carry insurance as required by project level documents including through the construction, lease-up and stabilization phases.

Healthcare Compliance Services

CMR understands the challenges that businesses face in staying up to date with the ever-changing mandated compliance requirements. We help businesses of all sizes put together a Compliance Strategy to ensure that they are meeting all employer responsibilities. By utilizing CMR’s cutting edge HR Support and Compliance Portal, we provide businesses the tools and resources they need to meet their compliance obligations and stay up-to-date on laws and regulations that affect not only their employee benefit program but also their business at large.