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CMR understands the challenges that businesses face in staying up to date with the ever-changing mandated compliance requirements. We help businesses of all sizes put together a Compliance Strategy to ensure that they are meeting all employer responsibilities. By utilizing CMR’s cutting edge HR Support and Compliance Portal, we provide businesses the tools and resources to meet your compliance obligations and keep you up-to-date on laws and regulations that affect not only your employee benefit program but also your business at large. For medium to large businesses, CMR partners with the leading third party administrators in the compliance arena to help you administer the following:

ACA Employer Reporting

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) imposes demanding information reporting responsibilities on employers. The reporting stipulation states that an information return will be prepared for each applicable employee, and these returns must be filed with the IRS using a single transmittal form (Form 1094-B & 1095-B or Form 1094-C & 1095-C). The filing requirements are based on an employer’s health plan and number of employees. Inability to file or report correctly will result in numerous and expensive fines for employers.

ERISA Compliance

  • All employers (regardless of size) who offer Group Welfare Benefits to their employees are required to provide a Plan Document and Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs)
  • ERISA requires that plans provide a Summary of Material Modification (SMM) to plan participants when there is a material modification to the plan itself, or there is a change to the information that is required to be provided in the Summary Plan Description (SPD)
  • Employers are required to give employees a variety of ERISA/ PPACA related notices concerning their rights and responsibilities
  • Employers with 100 + Employees – Form 5500 Preparation and Filing


CMR provides full COBRA administration including contractual transfer of liability (employee communications, collecting premiums, paying premiums, etc.)