Most Common Questions of Workers’ Comp Claimants Show Where Change Is Needed

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The most frequently asked questions in workers’ compensation claims reveal opportunities for improved communication and efficiency in the claims process, according to an analysis by Hi Marley, a communication platform for insurers.

Using the findings can help insurance carriers and employers to streamline operations, support faster recovery for injured workers, manage expectations and provide peace of mind, Hi Marley stated.

The study categorized inbound questions from workers’ compensation claimants within the Hi Marley platform. The most common inquiries related to payment status and amount (26%), contact with the adjuster (24%), and provider scheduling and approval activities (22%). Other inquiries from claimants focused on process explanation (14%), benefits (9%), and documentation (5%).

These findings suggest that many of the most common questions could be addressed through proactive outreach, automation, and standardization of communications. For instance, carriers can use predefined message templates for scheduling reminders, which can support faster recovery and reduce claim cycle time and costs. Automated updates on the claim process and payment status can help manage expectations and provide peace of mind for injured workers.

“With most people dealing with an accident on the job, it’s their first experience, and they are scared, anxious, and vulnerable. From the first point of contact through the entire claims process, we aim to ease that burden and instill confidence and trust,” Paul Buffone, senior vice president and chief claims officer of Louisiana Workers’ Compensation Corporation, stated in the report.

The study also highlighted the importance of empathy in communication. Confirming receipt of documents or acknowledging inquiries can make injured workers feel heard, impacting their sense of security and well-being.

The research comes at a time when 60% of workers’ comp claims professionals say they have too many claims to manage, and 29% find operational efficiency challenging. By automating processes and standardizing communication, carriers can improve efficiency and consistency, allowing claims staff to focus on activities requiring human touch and attention.

“Our adjusters love that they can get ahold of their injured workers quicker and easier with text messaging. In situations where an injured worker can’t step away to talk to the adjuster on the phone, they can often still text, which helps streamline communications and moves the claim along more efficiently,” Amanda Sills, senior customer experience lead at AF Group, told Hi Marley.

The findings underscore the potential of automation and clear communication in improving the workers’ comp claims process. By addressing the most frequently asked questions and providing regular updates, carriers can streamline the process and provide much-needed support to injured workers on their recovery journey. Contact CMR Risk & Insurance Services, Inc. for additional workers’ comp guidance and resources.

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