The Importance of Participating in the National Safety Stand-down

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Falls from elevation repeatedly reign as one of the top causes of fatalities within the construction industry. In fact, according to the latest findings from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, such falls contributed to nearly 38% of workplace deaths in the sector this past year. Nevertheless, by educating employees on fall risks and implementing adequate job site precautions, you can help establish a safe working environment—thus protecting your staff from fall-related incidents and limiting the potential for injuries or fatalities. That being said, it’s crucial to participate in the upcoming National Safety Stand-down to Prevent Falls in Construction.

This annual, weeklong campaign—which is put together by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and takes place May 3-7 this year—encourages construction employers across the country to take the time to discuss fall hazards and reinforce the importance of practicing preventive measures with their workforces. Review these FAQs to learn more about the National Safety Stand-down and how your organization can get involved:

What is a safety stand-down, and how do organizations conduct such an event?

A safety stand-down is a voluntary event that allows employers to talk directly to their employees about safety. Specifically, the National Safety Stand-down is intended to foster workplace discussions regarding fall prevention. Organizations of all sizes can conduct a safety stand-down by:

  • Taking a quick break to have a toolbox talk on job-specific fall hazards
  • Sharing a presentation on inspection and maintenance protocols for fall protection equipment
  • Scheduling several training sessions during the week to discuss organizational policies and programs for fall prevention

In addition to conducting their own activities, organizations can also join larger stand-down events in their respective communities.

Do organizations need to pay or register for the National Safety Stand-down?

No. This campaign is free and does not require registration. To participate, organizations simply need to engage in a stand-down activity or attend a larger event with their employees. From there, organizations can go to OSHA’s National Safety Stand-down website to share feedback on their stand-down experiences, as well as download a certificate of participation for their involvement.

Why should organizations participate in this campaign if they have already done so in past years?

Annual participation is vital for organizations to demonstrate their continued commitment to fall prevention. After all, employees and other employers alike appreciate organizations that remain dedicated to upholding a positive, safe working culture. 

Click here for more National Safety Stand-down resources. For further construction industry updates and guidance, contact us today.

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