April 6, 2023

Searching For a Surety Partner? Look For Someone Invested in Stability for the Years to Come

While insurance products exist to help an insured in the event of a loss, surety bonds are purchased so that a customer can guarantee their work on a particular project will be completed within a certain timeframe and at a reasonable cost. Bonds support everything from a guarantee that a construction project will be completed...

January 31, 2023

Surety Bonds Offer Protections and Economic Benefits to Both Public and Private Sector Construction

The perfect storm of inflation, supply-chain disruptions and ongoing labor shortages is adding additional risk factors to construction projects in 2023. Despite year-over-year growth, the construction industry is still facing a 400,000-plus worker deficit.[1] At the same time, inflation is contributing to the rising cost of construction materials, and supply-chain bottlenecks continue to affect the timely...

December 15, 2022

Can Surety Bonds Revolutionize Infrastructure?

The Story India wants to ramp up its infrastructure ambition. The government wants to spend over ₹15 lakh crores in the next year alone to build roads, bridges, and a lot of other stuff. But they can’t do everything on their own. They have to work with other private sector entities to bring these massive...