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COVID-19 Raises New Risks, Coverage Needs for Security Firms

The COVID-19 pandemic spread uncertainty through businesses in every industry. Fortunately, the security industry adapted early with swift, decisive and flexible responses that allowed them to safely take on new responsibilities while also protecting front-line security officers. However, as the pandemic continues, changing work environments have raised new risk exposures and coverage […]

Clarification to the Provision of Face Coverings

While CDC does not consider COVID-19 masks to be PPE, the California Department of Public Health and Cal-OSHA are advising employers to provide face coverings to workers or reimburse workers for reasonable cost of obtaining them. This advisory was noted in their July 29 Guidance for Construction, and the specific language is on page 3. […]

2021 Benefits Planning and COVID-19

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wage on, its effects on benefits planning for next year are being felt—especially as open enrollment season approaches. According to Mercer’s Global Survey #5, 20% of employers surveyed said updating benefits programs to better meet employee needs was an HR area in which companies […]