July 17, 2023

OSHA Launches New National Emphasis Program for Warehouse and Distribution Center Hazards

On July 13, 2023, OSHA launched a National Emphasis Program (NEP) to prevent workplace hazards in warehousing and distribution center operations, mail/postal processing and distribution centers, parcel delivery/courier services and certain high-injury-rate retail establishments. The NEP is expected to expire in July 2026. NEP Overview Under this three-year NEP, OSHA will conduct comprehensive safety inspections...

April 27, 2023

Business Risks in an Economic Downturn

Without a thorough evaluation of its business model, any manufacturer can be severely threatened by an economic downturn. While devising creative solutions to keep your business running despite unfavorable economic conditions, keep in mind that changes to your business can result in new liability exposure. Supply Chain Risks It’s no secret that the financial security...

February 28, 2023

Manufacturing Industry Trends to Watch

The manufacturing sector consists of businesses that utilize raw materials to generate finished products. Due to the range of items this industry plays a role in producing (e.g., food and beverages, textiles, apparel, wood products, chemicals, plastics, metals, electronics, machinery and furniture), it contributes significantly to the overall economy. Further, this sector has experienced considerable...