cyber insurance

February 29, 2024

The Human Firewall: How Employees Can Find Empowerment in the Fight Against Cybercrime

You’ve been hacked. It’s a sentence that can stop any organization dead in its tracks. And the potential of a breach has cemented itself as one of the most devastating risks an organization could endure. An estimated 2,200 cyberattacks occur each day, equivalent to one attack every 39 seconds. This surge in cybercrime carries an astronomical...

October 11, 2023

Insurance Innovation Necessary Amid New Digital Risks

In its latest sigma study, Swiss Re Institute finds that potential digitalization benefits across countries and throughout the insurance value chain are far from exhausted. According to the reinsurer’s “The economics of digitalization in insurance” sigma report, digitalization is a source of new growth, new risks, and new efficiencies for the insurance industry. Digital value creation has...

June 27, 2023

Why Predicting the Future of Cyber Insurance is So Difficult

Cyber insurance is here to stay, but the rapid pace of development of technology and other external factors mean that accurately predicting what the market and products will look like in 10 years’ time could be anyone’s guess. This was the message from Shannan Fort (pictured), McGill & Partners partner – financial lines, cyber, who...