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CMR Risk & Insurance Services, Inc. is an independent risk management and human capital consultant. Our proprietary risk management and human resource services minimize the administrative time and expense our clients spend on these tasks, allowing them to focus on running their business.

We work with firms helping them implement risk management and employee improvement performance programs to reduce the costs of financing risk and employee benefit programs.

Our unique Risk Analysis System will reduce your firms operating expenses by allowing us the ability to negotiate reduced risk financing costs. We have partnerships with insurance companies that have agreed to provide their most competitive programs for firms that practice our risk management techniques as they experience improved loss experience. Our risk management services are provided free of charge for firms that utilize our insurance brokering services but can also be provided for a fee on either an hourly or per project basis.

Our human resource and employee training programs will improve the performance of your employees and drastically reduce your administrative burden. Our wellness and training programs will help you reduce the cost of your benefit programs allowing you to offer a robust employee benefit package to help attract and retain quality employees.

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