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CMR Risk & Insurance Services, Inc. core focus is helping our clients increase profits through reduced costs of risk, lower risk financing costs, improved employee production, retention and competitive benefit programs.

Our philosophy begins with a pro-active approach in the management of risk, both in the form of risk control and risk financing, and employee wellness. We feel the only way to control the costs of risk and benefit programs is through the implementation of proper risk management techniques and employee training and wellness programs, many of which come at low to no added cost.

Our risk management team has developed industry specific Risk Analysis Systems which are a two part process. The first part is a thorough review of our client’s current risk management structure including all current programs. This also includes how the client goes about the monitoring and consistent implementation of these plans. It’s great to have a plan together, but if it is not being utilized or implemented, it does not provide much benefit.

The second part of the analysis is added risk controls that CMR provides including implementation assistance and monitoring to help reduce the severity and frequency of loss. These risk controls are activities developed with our insurance company partners which have proven to result in reduced loss experience and a safer work environment.

Our insurance brokering services have partnered with the top insurance companies who have a similar industry focus and understand the benefits of working with an insurance broker who provides risk management support specializing in specific industries. These companies have agreed to provide us with preferred programs and pricing as firms that utilize our risk management programs have improved loss experience.

Our employee capital consultants have developed numerous employee training and wellness programs which are tailored to fit the specific needs and budget of each individual client. The more trained and healthier a firm’s employees, the better production and reduced costs of employee benefit programs.