OSHA 300/300A Requirements

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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires most Establishments to keep a OSHA 300 logs and to post a OSHA 300A summary to classify and record the severity of work related injuries and illnesses. However, there are two classes of Establishments that are partially exempt from routinely keeping records:

1. Establishments with ten or fewer employees at all times during the previous calendar year are exempt from routinely keeping OSHA injury and illness records.

2.    Establishments in certain low-hazard industries are also exempt from routinely keeping OSHA injury and illness records unless asked to do so by OSHA or the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Since 1982, this list has been comprised of establishments in the divisions of retail trade; finance, insurance and real estate. Link to
partially exempt North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes:

OSHA 300 Log—Requirements

Establishments are required to keep a log for each site. Record any work related injuries resulting in the following:

· Death

· Loss of consciousness

· Days away from work

· Restricted work or job transfer

· Medical treatment beyond first aid

· Significant work related injury or illness diagnosed by a heath professional (i.e. cancer, irreversible disease)

Sometimes knowing whether to report can be difficult to determine. OSHA created a web tool called the OSHA Recordkeeping Advisor to assist: https://webapps.dol.gov/elaws/OSHARecordkeeping.htm

OSHA 300A Summary—Requirements

Establishments who are required to keep an OSHA 300 log also need to post the 300A summary annually from 2/1-4/30. Establishments should never post the log itself as this has personal identifiable information.

OSHA 300A Summary must be submitted electronically to Cal/OSHA by March 2nd if your company meets the one of the below criteria:

· Establishments with 250 or more employees at any given time during the previous calendar year

· Establishments with 20 or more employees but fewer than 250 at any given time during the previous calendar year with the NAICS codes identified in this link:

Establishments must keep their logs for 5 years.

CMR’s RMC Incident Track module can be used to track claims and automatically produce the required OSHA 300 Log.  If you need any additional information, please contact CMR today.

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