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Delay in Claiming Section 42 Tax Credits

Most builders risk insurance policies have the ability to provide coverage for various Soft Costs and Loss of Rental Income, however these additional coverages will not pay for your inability to claim tax credits.

The Real Estate Division of CMR Risk & Insurance Services, Inc. are pleased to offer an exclusive program to insure the timing of your tax credits from delays in construction due to casualty losses.

If a covered cause of loss causes a delay in claiming Section 42 tax credits this coverage will pay you the tax credit that you would have otherwise been able to claim.

Coverages offered for both New Construction and Rehabilitation Projects.

Builders Risk Coverage Form including:

  • All Real Property, existing structures and new structures
  • Soft Costs (loan interest, fees, marketing & advertising)
  • Loss of Rental Income (pre-leased units)
  • Inability to claim section 42 tax credits
  • Special form coverage, all risks of direct physical loss
  • No Coinsurance provisions