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CMR Risk & Insurance Services, Inc. began operations in 2004 with an executive management team that has over 70 years of combined experience in the risk management and insurance brokerage fields. While the firm is relatively new our expertise and relationships are very seasoned.

CMR Risk & Insurance Services, Inc. was formed under the principles of delivering risk management and human resource services to firms who do not have the luxury to maintain full time departments for these functions. While we continue to serve this core market our programs and systems are a welcomed supplement to those companies that have the resources of full time risk management and human resource departments.

CMR believes in niche specialization and our Property & Casualty services are segmented into specific business industries.  Our name CMR originally was an acronym for our three business divisions of Construction, Manufacturing & Real Estate, however as CMR has expanded we have added on additional business divisions, but the name CMR has stuck.

CMR applies the same principals of controlling risk to reduce costs into the Employee Benefits arena. CMR offers a full suite of employee assistance and training programs, which is the true key to controlling benefit program costs and improving employee production and retention.

The future is very bright for CMR and for the clients we serve!