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CMR offers a unique and proactive web based Risk Management Platform that offers enhanced loss control impact and efficiencies adding to your bottom line results.

CMR offers a custom client specific web portal based platform that s customized for each individually enrolled organization providing an organized Risk Management platform for the clients use. The program is comprised of 6 main platforms all specific to each client’s need:

  1. The Library – Contains over 1400 risk management documents in various forms including, but not limited to policies and procedures, training materials, posters and much more. Library can be further customized to fit the needs of each specific client including the uploading of current policies and procedures, insurance documents and more.
  2. Certificate of Insurance Tracking – Track Certificates of Insurance ensuring compliance by your vendors or subcontractors. COI Track assists in tracking expiration dates, liability limits, carrier information and much more. Report feature allows clients to run reports based on location/project all while preventing audit issues or non-compliance. Certificates received are directly loaded onto the client’s platform for future reference.
  3. Incident Tracking – Track all incidents occurring to better focus your training and preventative measures to avoid future losses. System will generate all OSHA 300 logs and file workers compensation First Report of Injury forms. Report options allow for detailed reviews based on type of injury, specific project or location, and many other customizable reports to allow for pro-active risk control.
  4. Training Track – Stores and keeps updated records of all employee training. Will automatically notify you of upcoming scheduled training. Run reports for management or OSHA based on specific training date, position, employee, department, or organization. Reports may be distributed electronically. Training material including quizzes provided.
  5. Job Track – Helps you create, manage, and print all things related to Position Descriptions, Job Hazard Analysis (also known as JHA’s or JSA’s), as well as Safety Observations.
  6. MSDS Track – Organize, manage, and provide access to your Material Safety Data Sheets while complying with the most frequent OSHA issue. Searchable library to locate manufacturer details of the material in question. Quick search feature to locate required information based on location, chemical name and amount.

Enrollment in the Risk Management Center is a proven approach that over an annual period has been proven to yielded a 20% loss reduction across all users. Utilizing this feature can greatly impact your losses, which in turn will lower your overall insurance costs.

Please contact a CMR representative to learn more about this comprehensive system and how it may be able to assist your organization.