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federal government contractors

General Liability Program for Federal Government Contractors

Many firms whom sell products strictly to the Federal Government falsely believe they have complete immunity from law-suits. This is belief is a MYTH. Firms selling products and services to the federal government may still be held liability for Negligent Manufacturing and Failure to Warn. In addition, nothing prevents a firm from being sued and defense costs are not reimbursable by the government.

CMR works with several limited access programs to provide General Liability insurance for Federal Government Contractors. These programs recognize the reduced exposure with selling products to government, therefore rates are very competitive.

Fringe Benefit Programs for Government Contractors

If you are working with the Government and paying increased wages to meet wage requirements your are operating at a competitive disadvantage to many of your competitors and costing your firm a substantial amount of unnecessary expenses. CMR Risk & Insurance Services, Inc. works with several limited access trust programs specifically designed to meet the hour banking requirements of fringe benefit programs. These programs can be placed in conjunction with other group benefits and CMR will provide full reporting to comply with all requirements.