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employee benefits wellness programs

Employer driven corporate wellness programs have proven improvement on employee production and reduced costs for benefit programs. Healthier employees have less time off work, are able to handle increased workloads and utilize benefits plans less resulting in reduced costs.

Wellness can be defined by The Six Dimensions of Wellness, which is generally accepted by the wellness community. This model was created in 1979 by Dr. Bill Hettler, co-founder of the National Wellness Institute

  1. Physical – The first dimension we think of when referring to wellness, this aspect covers bodily health through exercise, nutrition, and abstaining from harmful activities, such as smoking.
  2. Emotional – This dimension covers emotional health through learning to recognize, express, and control feelings and moods.
  3. Intellectual – This aspect covers mental health through developing creativity, learning ability, and problem solving skills.
  4. Occupational – This dimension covers job satisfaction through learning individual aptitudes and skills, and finding meaning in work.
  5. Social – This aspect covers community connections through learning the part we play in our interconnected world.
  6. Spiritual – This dimension covers larger life questions through learning to choose and live by a set of values that gives meaning to our lives.

CMR Risk & Insurance Services, Inc. can help you design, implement and monitor a Wellness Program tailored to your organization that addresses all of these areas at little to no cost to your firm.