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employee benefits fringe benefit programs

If you are working with the Government and paying increased wages to meet wage requirements your are operating at a competitive disadvantage to many of your competitors and costing your firm a substantial amount of unnecessary expenses.

CMR Risk & Insurance Services, Inc. can help you win more government contracts by reducing your payroll expense through a fringe benefit program allowing you to provide more competitive bids and win more contracts.

Total Wage Paid In Cash Wage Paid in Cash And Fringe Benefit
Cash Hourly Wage $30.00 $20.00
Fringe Paid to Benefit Plan $0.00 $10.00
Payroll Burden (Based on 25%)

  • Workers Compensation Premiums
  • FICA (Social Security Tax)
  • Federal Unemployment Tax
  • State Unemployment Tax
$7.50 $5.00
Total Cost Per Hour $37.50 $35.00
Hourly Savings Per Employee $0.00 $2.50
Monthly Savings Per Employee $0.00 $432.50
Annual Savings Per Employee $0.00 $5,190
20 Employees Working under contract $0.00 $103,800 Annual Savings
3 Year Contract $0.00 $311,400 Contract Savings

CMR will provide full reporting to comply with all Fringe Benefit requirements. Contact us today and start winning more contracts!