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CMR Risk & Insurance Services, Inc. takes client services seriously. CMR offers a Key Client Service Plan which is a written service commitment tailored to the special needs of each specific client. This written plan is completed with each client along with the appropriate CMR support staff and reviewed on an annual basis. Some of the items included in our service commitment and supplemental risk management services include:

  • Same day as requested certificate of insurance issuance
  • Designated account management team
  • Claim and adjuster information provided within 24 hours of report
  • On-site assistance for large losses
  • Open claim reviews conducted at requested intervals
  • Design and review vendor insurance requirements
  • Incident and claim analysis system to generate loss control suggestions
  • Review and negotiate lender insurance requirements
  • Review space, equipment and vehicle lease agreements and other contracts to make sure liability is not unwillingly assumed or without adequate insurance protection
  • All insurance quotes provided no later than 2 weeks before policy expiration (or earlier as agreed)
  • Corporate wellness programs
  • Human resource administration
  • Risk management center portal
  • Government contractor fringe benefit program reporting

This is only a small sample of the supplemental risk management services and human resource services offered by CMR. Please take some time reviewing our web-site to learn more about our additional services.