Clarification to the Provision of Face Coverings

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While CDC does not consider COVID-19 masks to be PPE, the California Department of Public Health and Cal-OSHA are advising employers to provide face coverings to workers or reimburse workers for reasonable cost of obtaining them. This advisory was noted in their July 29 Guidance for Construction, and the specific language is on page 3. The Construction Industry COVID-19 Safety Plan has been revised to reflect this change. 

Construction continues to operate during this crisis as an essential industry, and contractors have been effective in implementing safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 while continuing to build critical infrastructure in the region. The Construction Industry COVID-19 Safety Plan is a consolidation of those best practices based on direction from health experts and boots-on-the-ground experiences from construction safety professionals. 

While each job site is different, and contractors will adapt to each situation, this plan provides some uniformity for contractors, workers, and owners all working to protect construction personnel, and the general public. With greater consistency in approach, these safety measures will become more universal and effective. 

The rules can change daily, but some form of enhanced safety measures will be in place for the long-haul of the COVID-19 crisis. The Construction Industry COVID-19 Safety Plan will be regularly updated to comply with the latest mandates in San Diego County.

Source – AGC San Diego Chapter, Inc.

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