2020’s New Reality — Working from Home

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The new reality for 2020 — and maybe for the foreseeable future — is working from home. This is true for many industries and is even more true for the business of insurance since it is easier for us than for most.

This new way of doing things has a lot of people wondering how working from home is working out. According to a new survey from Chubb, it’s working out quite nicely. Workers that can work from home are very happy with the new arrangements. And after reading this survey, companies and agencies might be equally happy.

The survey said we like the new working situation so much that nearly three-quarters of us — 74% — want to work from home more frequently than we did before.

You’ll love the name of the survey: Resilient, Committed, Engaged and Worried: The Experiences and Risks of Americans Working from Home During COVID–19. The title pretty much says it all and Chubb noted the point of the survey is to look at new and emerging levels of risk in what it calls a “remote work environment.”

It examines how working from home is adding vulnerability and risk to companies and also is impacting consumer attitudes about risk. As for employees, it takes a long look at worker productivity, work/life balance and emotional and physical well-being.

The good news — says Chubb — is that Americans working from home are remaining productive. We’re still working the same hours and some are working more hours. Employees are also staying connected to family and friends.

Chubb broke the survey into several sections. The first is financial well-being:

    * 68% of us are concerned about our financial well-being and that of our families
    * The level of concern is the same for both genders & all income and age groups

Productivity and hours — both are up:

    * 37% say they are more productive working from home
    * 33% say their productivity is equal to what they do at work
    * 83% are working the same or more hours when compared to the office
    * 37% are working longer hours
    * 17% say they are working more than 10 extra hours a week

Work/life balance:

    * 65% say they are maintaining regular work hours
    * 50% are taking regular breaks from work while working from home
    * 60% say they are distracted at times from family, housemates or pets
    * That 60% say that makes it difficult to work from home
    * Just 38% say they are taking time for family while working from home
    * Only 43% say they have been successful separating work from family activities

Staying connected and social distancing:

    * 79% say they have the same amount or more contact with friends
    * 25% say they are talking with friends more while they are working from home

As Weekly Industry News has reported in several articles over the last few months, Americans working from home means a huge risk of cyber attacks for their employer. Chubb and other companies — and maybe even your company — are very concerned about that development.

But how do consumers feel about cyber risk? They’re not all that worried and neither are employees:

    * Just 46% are concerned about cybersecurity while working from home
    * 49% regularly, or sometimes do company business on personal devices
    * That includes a personal email account
    * 10% of wealthy respondents have been attack victims while working remotely
    * Among all respondents, only 3% have been attacked while working remotely

It’s not physically easy to work from home:

    * 40% report have new or increased pain in shoulders, back or wrists
    * Younger workers are more likely to report those pains than older workers
    * 50% of those 20-35 reported such pain
    * Just 28% of those 56-65 reported pains

Changes in lifestyle — we continue to do our own thing:

    * 56% of us are watching more TV
    * 82% of us are exercising the same or more since working from home
    * 34% of us are reading more
    * 56% of us are playing more video games at the same level
    * 23% are playing even more video games

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