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Construction Risk Advisor - October 2018


The 2018 hurricane season is here, and it’s time for contractors toprepare for emergency weather situations that can not only disruptcurrent projects, but also hamper recovery efforts. Heavy rain andwinds, surges in demand for labor and materials, and job site hazardsin storm-damaged areas can create dangerous and expensive risks for contractors.

Minimize your risks during hurricane season with these five tips:

1. Identify the potential for flooding. Take steps to prevent on-siteflooding, including installing drainage systems, moving largeequipment and waiting to install finished products until thebuilding is watertight.

2. Protect your cranes. Lower any cranes before weather events, ifpossible. Consult with the manufacturer or a professional engineerregarding how to best lower and secure cranes.

3. Create an employee communications plan. Devise an action planwith a list of contact information and a log of on-site workers soyou can account for everyone if a storm hits.

4. Check your business continuity plan. Make sure employeesunderstand their roles, and regularly review, update and test yourcontinuity plan for business disruption.

5. Review your insurance coverage. Work with your insurancecarrier or broker to make sure your business is adequatelyprotected.

Assess whether a project will be affected by hurricane season, andweigh the risks before agreeing to a contract. Consider whether or not you have enough qualified staff to handle the work post-storm, as wellas the materials needed to complete the job, so you’re prepared incase of supply shortages.